Cutting oil

Neat Multi Purpose Cutting Oil

Power Up Neat MH Cutting Oil is a multi-purpose neat cutting oil blended with an additive thatprovides a synergistic combination between chlorinated, sulfurized EP and esters.Itis suitable for medium to heavy duty tapping and deep drillingprocesses. Formu


Semi Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Power Up Semi Synthetic is a metalworking coolant formulated for grinding, drilling, cutting, forming and various other heavy duty applications. It is suitable for machining a wide variety of materials and is applicable for both ferrous and non-ferrous b


Soluble Cutting Fluid

Power Up SOLUBLE OIL is a soluble oil concentrate. This product was designed to be extended with water for the machining and grinding of virtually all metals except magnesium. It forms a milky white emulsion that does not readily decompose. Designed for

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