About Us

Management Team

Teo Leng Teng is the CEO of Advance Lube Enterprise Sdn Bhd. He is the main person and founder of the business. He received his Associate in Material Engineering and graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman College in 1983. He has extensive experience in the field of lubrication, serving as a salesman for a number of auto parts and accessories companies. At the age of 30, he ventured into the manufacturing line in producing what was in the opportune market at that time, Radiator Coolant. It was the first SKU of Advance Lube and the only product at that time, which has led us to explore other lubricating products, eventually becoming a company with more than 3000 SKUs. Mr. Teo currently oversees the entire company's structure and provides insights and vision for the company. Mr. Teo direction for the company is to expand upstream, increase the range of quality products and eventually create a self-sustaining corporation.



Timothy Teo has been appointed Executive Director of the company. Timothy graduated from Monash University with Bachelor Degree of Economics and Finance. He currently heads the Malaysia team, in charge of the local sales, marketing strategies, and operations.  Above all, he oversees the financial performance of the company providing constructive advice on the company's financial and liquidity situation, helping us measure when is the best time to invest and widen capacity of the company. He also gained some experience working in the banking industry in the early years, which helped the company a lot in making our financial decisions.




Nicholas Teo, a graduate of Victoria University, majoring in accounting and marketing. He is currently in charge of the company's International Sales & Distributions department. Despite Advance Lube's history in being a blender for International Companies, O.E.M. requirements and Private Labels, Nicholas is also passionate in building the company's family band, Power Up and several other brands, including Hi-Power and Morrison, each brand targeting different market segments. Nicholas envision to promote Power Up to become a household brand not only in Malaysia but also across ASEAN countries.



Mr. See Tai Pet is our chief executive, based in our Johor. He has been in the sales line for nearly 30 years. He joined the company in 1995 and allied with Mr. Teo to build a company to a higher level together. Mr. See focuses primarily on building the company's private labelling segment. His main target group is small and medium-sized companies that intend to create their own brand. Our company provides a one-stop centre for private labellers to customize their lubricants from design to delivery.




Tai Kon Yuen is an ICSA holder, graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman College in 1984. He is one of our executives, mainly focusing on the company's export segment. Many international customers and mixing contracts are from Mr. Tai giving us a big leap compared to competitors. Mr. Gary has allowed our company to grow beyond the local market, proving that we have a broader audience and economic scale. Currently, our company has exported to more than 30 countries so far.





Lee Puei Ling is our Operational Director. She oversees the whole production and management of the factory. She has over 20 years of experience in the lubricants industry, supporting us in producing high quality lubricants consistently and efficiently. She tracks management's effectiveness and makes sure everything is in the right order. Ms. Lee is the mainstay of the company, ensuring all parts are operating smoothly and appropriately.