Cutting oil

Soluble Cutting Oil XP

Cutting Coolant XP is a newer version cutting fluid of biostable emulsion with high oil content lubricant. It is semi-syn based cutting fluid that produces a milky emulsion when wixed with water. Cutting Coolant XP is fortified with chlorinated extreme pr


Soluble Cutting Oil G2

Cutting Coolant G2 is a chlorine free low oil content long life synthetic metal working fluid formulated for grinding, drilling, cutting, forming and reaming applications. It is suitable for machining a wide variety of materials and is applicable for both


Soluble Cutting Oil SG1

Cutting Coolant SG1 is a biostable, fully synthetic grinding fluid with high level of corrosion protection at low centration and possesing extremely good wheel flushing performance. Due to its unique formulation, our oil combines a nitrate free compositio