Treatments and Additives

Engine Flush

POWER UP ENGINE FLUSH cleanses important or critical engine components from harmful deposits and contaminants which prevents oil flow. It cleans the crankcase cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings, oil pumps, bearings, valves, con-rods formaximum effic


Engine Treatment

POWER UP ENGINE TREATMENT is an outstanding metal treatment for engine components that treats the surface of the metal to form a tough low friction shield. The tough low friction shield is able to withstand 4 to 5 times more load, pressure an


Diesel Fuel Treatment

Fuel System CleanerAn outstanding Detox Step 2 for continuousprotection & cleansing of fuel injector nozzles, fuel pumps, fuel tanks and fuel lines from clogging. Designed to increase power, better fuel mileage and also lower exhaust emissions through a m